AFFH in Five Minutes

HUD’s new rule, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, enables the government to control local zoning and land use, overturn voters’ decisons and force communities to join a region. This video explains how.

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A concealed carry permit holder stopped an attempted mass shooting outside Playoffz nightclub on June 27

jody-ray-thompson-spartanburg-county-sheriffs-office-640x480Thompson shot and wounded three people when he opened fire. The individual who would have been his fourth target, an unnamed concealed permit holder, ended the incident by pulling his own gun and shooting Thompson.

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Gov. Jerry Brown signs bulk of sweeping gun-control package into law, vetoes five bills

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed six gun-control bills into law, including a requirement that ammunition purchasers undergo background checks. The governor vetoed five other measures, including an expansion of the use of restraining orders to take guns from people deemed to be dangerous.

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Agenda 2030 – Draw Your Own Conclusion

Read Agenda 2030 below. Portions have been highlighted by GoldCountryPatriots for emphasis.

Agenda 2030 with Hightlights

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SB 1161: Makes Questioning “Climate Change” a Sue-able Offense. Criminal?

220px-al_goreDid you donate to the Pacific Legal Foundation?  Do you support Americans for Prosperity?  Are you a member of the California Republican Party, which has a platform approving of all forms of energy, including fossil fuel (oil)?  Do you work for a gas station, an oil company, have your written a letter to the editor in favor of oil drilling?  If so, you could find yourself with being charged in a court of law, thanks to SB 1161.

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Obama: Washington NOT Local City Council should Determine Zoning Laws/Right to Build


If your city or county takes Federal money, it has given up control of its zoning—now Obama can tell you what you must do with your property—a city council under Obama is good for ribbon cutting of the few new businesses that might open.
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Say Goodbye To Choosing Your Neighbors And Local Tax Rates –Obama/Feds Will Decide

obama-resolutions-300x250Free choice is where you live in America is quickly coming to an end.  Like any other tin pot dictator, Barack Obama is setting in place the “rules” of where you are allowed to live—based on his bigotry, using color and national origin and even bringing terrorist from the Middle-East and illegal aliens from south of the border to your neighborhood—for diversity. Read more…

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